AusLogics BoostSpeed

AusLogics BoostSpeed

Remove junk files, defragment disks, and optimize Windows PCs
AusLogics BoostSpeed v12.2
24 Aug 2021
AusLogics BoostSpeed v12.0
5 Dec 2020
AusLogics BoostSpeed v11.5
15 Jun 2020
AusLogics BoostSpeed v11.4.0.1
8 Feb 2020
AusLogics BoostSpeed v11.0.1.2
3 May 2019
AusLogics BoostSpeed v10.0.24
13 Dec 2017
Editorial review
AusLogics BoostSpeed v9.2.0.1
21 Sep 2017
AusLogics BoostSpeed v9.1.4
25 Nov 2016
AusLogics BoostSpeed v9.0.0
14 Jun 2016
AusLogics BoostSpeed v8.2.1
13 Jan 2016
AusLogics BoostSpeed v8.1.2
2 Oct 2015
AusLogics BoostSpeed v8.06.2011
9 Feb 2012
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.9.0
1 Apr 2015
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.8.1
16 Feb 2015
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.7.0
9 Jul 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.6.0
22 Dec 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.5.0
21 Nov 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.4.0
21 Oct 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.3.2
23 Sep 2014
Editorial review
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.2.0
9 Sep 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.1.2
30 Jul 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v7.0.0
4 Jun 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v6.5.6
13 Feb 2014
AusLogics BoostSpeed v6.4.2
27 Nov 2013
AusLogics BoostSpeed v6.3.2
14 Oct 2013
AusLogics BoostSpeed v6.2.1
29 Aug 2013
AusLogics BoostSpeed v6.1.0
12 Jul 2013
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.5.1
14 Dec 2012
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.4.10
10 Aug 2012
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.3.0.5
17 May 2012
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.2.1.10
1 Nov 2011
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.1.1
27 May 2011
AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.0.6.250
30 Apr 2010
AusLogics BoostSpeed v4.1
27 Mar 2009
Editorial review
AusLogics BoostSpeed v4.0
14 Jan 2009
AusLogics BoostSpeed v3.7.5.690
1 Mar 2008

What's new

v12.2 [24 Aug 2021]
- Add-ons Manager: This new tool in BoostSpeed 12 lets you sort through and disable browser extensions and add-ons. Clicking on this tile will open Add-ons Manager in a new tab and display a list of all installed add-ons. You can review each add-on's trust rating, info about the maker and other details. Click the toggle in front of each add-on's name to turn it on or off.
- Multi Uninstall Manager: Another new tool in BoostSpeed 12, it lets you go through all software installed on your PC, select unneeded programs and uninstall them all in one click instead of manually going through them one by one. Multi Uninstall Manager will queue the apps for removal and safely remove them one at a time.
- Menu Manager: New in BoostSpeed 12, this tool lets you customize the context menu (the right-click menu) for many Windows elements, including files, folders, drives, the Recycle Bin, etc. You can review the menu's current appearance, then choose to add or remove options as you like.

v12.0 [5 Dec 2020]
- Resolved an error that occurred on program startup and affected a small number of systems.
- Resolved an issue with PC resource usage.
- Updated program manual to reflect the latest features and improvements.
- Resolved an Uninstaller bug.
- Corrected some localization errors.
- Fixed a few interface issues.

v11.5 [15 Jun 2020]
- You can now easily create a system restore point from BoostSpeed's Rescue Center.
- The Ask a Question feature is now easier to access and use.
- The Maintain tab was improved with user convenience in mind.
- Error alerts are now easier to read and understand.
- User interface received some minor design enhancements.
- You can now have an interactive Performance Monitor icon right on your Desktop.
- Subscription expiration alerts will now appear 7 days and 1 day prior to term end.
- All known bugs have been fixed.

v11.4.0.1 [8 Feb 2020]
Made a significant number of minor enhancements to user interface.

v10.0.24 [13 Dec 2017]
- Improved support for the EDGE web browser.
- Search for and removal of invalid shortcuts will now work better.
- Fixed incorrect detection of website shortcuts.
- Processing of large-volume disk drives has been enhanced.
- The program will now work correctly with several Opera browsers installed simultaneously.
- Some GUI issues have been resolved.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

v9.2.0.1 [21 Sep 2017]
- Modified reporting language and style to help users get a better picture of their system’s state.
- Made improvements to several tools under the All Tools tab.
- Made a number of usability improvements so users can enjoy their BoostSpeed experience and get better results.
- Resolved all known bugs.
- Some interface changes were made to satisfy newest AppEsteem and antivirus companies' requirements.

v9.1.4 [25 Nov 2016]
Fixed all known bugs.

v8.2.1 [13 Jan 2016]
Added option to place a system status button onto the window frames of other software programs on a PC;
Live Speedup section now has one more tool that helps optimize system services;
Auto Defrag in Live Speedup now supports processing SSD drives;
Fixed all known bugs and improved program stability.

v8.1.2 [2 Oct 2015]
Fixed all known bugs;
Improved program stability and reliability;
Improved internal libraries;
Improved program installer.

v7.4.0 [21 Oct 2014] (21/10/2014)
Registry Cleaner: added new search feature that allows scanning the whole registry for a specific key or entry with further removal of that key at a click of a button. This feature will be very useful to those who are trying to clean the registry from remnants of previously uninstalled software, whose leftover entries could not be removed automatically;
Registry Cleaner: improved registry scanner through better algorithms for searching main scan categories for unwanted entries;
improved program interface;
fixed all known bugs;
improved internal libraries.

v7.3.2 [23 Sep 2014]
- Improved internal libraries;
- improved program stability;
- fixed several minor bugs.

v7.1.2 [30 Jul 2014]
- fixed a number of minor bugs;
- fixed all known crashes;
- improved program stability and reliability.

v5.5.1 [14 Dec 2012]
-fixed several bugs
-corrected errors in language files

v5.2.1.10 [1 Nov 2011]
Installation: removed InstallMonetizer promotion
Disk Defrag: re-enabled an option to change computer idle time before starting autodefragmentation
Internet Optimizer: improved the algorithm to increase stability
Cleaners: added a checkbox to the scan results page that allows to archive deleted data
Task Manager: improved the "Run Program... " drop-down list. Now the list displays previously entered paths and available paths
Task Manager: improved the application kill warning. Also improved design and added an option to display the list of locked files
Task Manager: added a PID column
Disk Wiper: now the checkbox to turn off computer is available when running the check
Service Manager: added a multiple selection option that allows to perform tasks for several services at once
Integrator: added a drop-down menu to the Scan button ("Scan and Repair", "Scan, Repair and Power Down", etc.)
Integrator: added options to "Select All", "Deselect All", and "Cancel Selection" to the list of advice
All programs: fixed form positioning bug that occurred when a user disabled additional monitors
All programs: improved stability
All programs: fixed bugs

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